Expo 2020 opens logistics warehouse in Dubai South, full operations in Q1 2020

Expo 2020 opens 10,000+ sqm warehouse in Dubai South for distribution and storage during event
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The Expo 2020 logistics department has opened the first of three planned warehouse and logistics hubs in Dubai ahead of the 10-month event starting in October next year.

The warehouse located in Dubai South will be run by Expo and supported by UPS, the official logistics partner. 

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The Expo 2020 Off-Site Warehouse is 10,364sqm for palletised goods, with an additional 10,000sqm plot of land in front of it for breakbulk cargoes and will be utilised in the lead-up to the Expo, as well as during the event as well for FMCG cargoes and other goods.

The Off-Site facility will be joined next year by a 5,500sqm Expo 2020 On-Site Warehouse that will be used for fast-moving consumer goods and act as a rapid replenishment hub in conjunction with a 30,000sqm underground logistics hub.

This is an initial report and will be updated shortly

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