Solar energy on the roofs of Gebrüder Weiss

13 photovoltaic power stations have been installed on the roofs of the Vienna branch generating around 2.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year.
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Gebrüder Weiss is committed to sustainable energy generation and has leased the roofs of its transhipment and logistics warehouses in Maria Lanzendorf near Vienna to a solar energy company.

Since the beginning of the year, around 2.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year are being generated using a surface area of 21,500 square meters.

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This is equivalent to the average annual consumption of around 1,300 three-person households in Austria.

“Sustainability is one of the core values at Gebrüder Weiss. This is why the decision to lease the flat roofs for this purpose was made not only on economic grounds, but also on environmental ones. Their size makes them ideal for photovoltaic systems,” says Karl Meiringer, branch manager in Maria Lanzendorf.

The 13 photovoltaic power stations represent an energy source that converts part of the solar radiation into electrical energy by means of solar cells, thereby enabling the company to make a substantial contribution to environmental protection efforts.

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Gebrüder Weiss also promotes solar energy at other locations.

In addition to the photovoltaic power stations in Maria Lanzendorf, Austria alone has three additional installations in Kennelbach (Vorarlberg), Maria Saal (Carinthia) and Wels (Upper Austria), as well as two more in Memmingen in southern Germany.

This means that over three million kilowatt hours of electricity are produced each year from solar energy alone throughout the group.

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