Circle K plans to centralise logistics operations in GCC

Mini-mart group is planning to triple number of branches in UAE and open central distribution centre.
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Circle K UAE expects to mark its 10th year with a growth plan involving dozens more outlets across the country, as well as centralising its logistics operations, according to the CEO.

Brought to the GCC by Convenience Arabia in 2009, Circle K offers consumers a unique shopping experience with tailored market strategies.

The food retailer and convenience store chain currently has 35 stores across the UAE, but plans to nearly triple that number within the next 12 months.

Circle K Middle East CEO Laurent Guitart.

“Next year will bring our network to 100 stores across the UAE with a strong focus on tourist destinations,” chief executive officer Laurent Guitart told CEO Middle East in an interview.

“Consequently, it will become mandatory to embark on the next phase of business development, by opening our own regional distribution warehouse and central kitchen,” he added.

The US-based convenience store founded in 1951 has over 18,000 outlets globally and is one of the world’s biggest food retailers.

The convenience store chain faces a logistics challenge increasingly common in the modern F&B sector, with many mini-marts requiring frequent and low-volume deliveries.

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