New Abu Dhabi Toll Gates free for the rest of this year

Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System to operate on a free-of-charge basis during initial trial phase from 15th October to 1st January 2020
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All drivers will be able to use the new Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System free of charge from 15th October until 1st January 2020, the Department of Transport and the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) in Abu Dhabi have announced.

The testing period will allow drivers until the end of the year to plan the best travel times and explore transport alternatives.

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The DOT has announced that the following four categories of driver will be exempt from the tariff, according to eligibility, once fees are implemented: senior citizens, retirees, people of determination, and low-income earners.

Public transport buses, 26-seater-plus school buses, ambulances, and police vehicles are already exempted, while electric vehicles will also not be charged for a period of two years from the system’s start date.

DOT and ITC also announced that Drivers of privately-owned vehicles will benefit from monthly caps after activating the Toll Gates: AED 200 per month for the first vehicle, AED 150 for the second vehicle, and AED 100 for each additional vehicle.

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Daily charges will be capped at AED 16 per car.  

The Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System fees are the lowest of any comparable international system, when considering that the UAE’s roads are classified as the best globally, based on the World Economic Forum’s International Competitiveness Report.

Roads and motorways in Abu Dhabi allowed more than 4.86 million daily trips in 2017, compared to 2.43 million in 2009.

The Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System is one of Abu Dhabi government’s strategic land transportation projects, aimed at preserving and greening the environment by reducing carbon emissions, enhancing the public transportation sector, and reducing road congestion, as well as encouraging daily commuters to use alternative modes of transport.

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