UAE’s ekar achieves highest utilisation for free floating car share operators

ekar’s Dubai service, in partnership with the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA), has achieved an unprecedented 22.0% utilisation rate.
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After an audit conducted by Canadian-based movmi, ekar Dubai was acknowledged as achieving the highest free floating utilisation globally.

Free floating operators allow members to book and return cars anywhere within a specified city or ‘geofence’ and typically offer pay-per-minute bookings via mobile Apps.

A key efficiency metric for operators is the percentage of time a fleet are driven per 24 hours, known as utilisation.

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ekar’s utilisation data was compared to the ‘Comparison of Free-floating Car Sharing Services’, a study by Habibi et Al published in 2017 by members of the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This leading study compares free floating utilisation averages across 21 major cities worldwide. The study shows that free floating utilisation rates are highest in Madrid, New York, and Hamburg with values of 21.6 %. 12.7 % and 11.7 %, respectively.

The audit conducted by Sandra Phillips, a TED Speaker on Mobility and CEO of movmi, and her team concluded that ekar has the highest utilisation globally when compared to this study.

ekar’s Dubai service, in partnership with the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA), has achieved an unprecedented 22.0% utilisation rate.

“Convenience and ease of use are the number one reasons why people use car sharing. ekar has actively been investing in its own technology to create an exceptional user experience. movmi’s team evaluates car share apps on a regular basis and we were very impressed with ekar’s app. In fact, we found it on par with car2go, the car sharing app that consistently ranks as the best,” said Sandra Phillips, founder and CEO of movmi.

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Since inception in 2016 by Vilhelm Hedberg, ekar’s co-founder and CEO, ekar has grown from a 15 vehicle pilot program with Etihad Airways to a multi-country service used by more than 80,000 customers and boasting an impressive 25 million kilometers booked across UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“Although we are proud to have achieved a great utilisation milestone in Dubai, this is just the beginning of our journey. ekar is on trajectory to one million members and over ten thousand ekars by 2022 and we aspire to mirror such utilisation successes across all major cities in the Gulf, Turkey, and Egypt. The sky is the limit,” said Vilhelm Hedberg, CEO ekar Middle East.

With an aggressive growth strategy at the core of its focus, ekar - the first and largest car share operator in the Middle East - is actively investing in its own technology and has successfully raised funds to fuel its growth.

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