Uber backs up driver who refused to pick up Dubai passenger

Drivers have the same right of refusal as passengers says Uber UAE
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An Uber driver that refused to pick up a female passenger in Dubai on August 5th because of her 4.34 rating has the full support of the ride-hailing company.

“At Uber, riders rate their experience at the end of every trip, and drivers do the same. Uber regularly reviews that feedback and, through this process, we’re able to create and maintain a safe and respectful environment for riders and drivers,” the company said.

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When the Uber driver refused to pick up the passenger it became a trending topic on social media in the country.

Uber responded on Twitter and attributed some of the reasons that may have caused the rider’s request to be denied.

“Thanks for reaching out. Things that seem small to you can matter to your driver - it’s easy to accidentally slam a door if you’re not thinking about it. Knowing a little more about the things that affect a driver’s happiness can help you be a 5-star rider,” tweeted Uber UAE.

Riders are rated on a 1-5 scale, and works to make sure that only the most respectful riders and drivers are using Uber.

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The two-way system means that both riders and drivers are held accountable for their behavior on a ride. It also lets both sides have a better idea of what the person they are riding with is like.

On its official Twitter account, Uber UAE said: “Drivers frequently consider these areas when rating a rider: Short wait times: Drivers love when riders are ready to go when they arrive at the pickup location. That includes making sure the location you entered is actually where you’ll be.”

“Courtesy: Simple but true. A positive attitude and considerate use of the car go a long way. Safety: Drivers want to make sure everyone in their car is safe. Drivers shouldn’t be encouraged to break any laws.”

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