UAE petrol prices set to rise again in June

Ministry of Energy and Industry announces price increase for all fuel types in June
Petrol price, Uae


Petrol prices in the UAE are set to increase from June 1, according to the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

The ministry announced on Wednesday that Special 95 will cost AED2.42, up from AED2.34 in May while Super 98 will rise from AED2.48 in May to AED2.53.

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The announcement also said diesel will be priced at AED2.56 in June, up from AED2.53 in May.

Fuel prices in the UAE were liberalised in August 2015, so they now move with the market.

Prices in the UAE peaked during the summer as Brent oil spiked at $86 a barrel in October - the highest level since November 2014.

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