Truck transport between Khorfakkan and Sharjah cut to 45 minutes

The 89-kilometre-long Sharjah-Khorfakkan Road will be fully opened on April 13, 2019, at a cost of AED-5.5 billion
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A new road providing a direct connection between Sharjah and Khorfakkan is set to open next month, significantly reducing overland travel time between the two cities.

Mohamed Khalaf, director general of Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA) announced this week on the “Al Khatt Al Mubasher” Direct Line Radio Programme that the new road would be fully opened by April 13th.

The Khorfakkan Road is one of the largest development projects in Sharjah, costing AED 5.5-billion and involving the digging of five tunnels, one of which is the longest (2.7-kilometres) in the region.

By providing a direct link to Sharjah, the road will negate the need to travel south to Fujairah, cutting the journey time down to 45 minutes.

The entire length of the new road will include dual carriageways in both directions. The first part is 65-kilometres and includes 14 intersections, seven lower passageways and several drainage facilities of valleys intersecting the road.

This section starts from the Emirates Road near Al Barashi area, passing through Al Dhaid city, near Washah area, until the intersection of Dafta Al Halaki on Al Fujairah-Masafi Road.

The second part of the new Sharjah-Khorfakkan Road is 24-kilometres and includes Al Rough Tunnel (1,300 metres), Al Ghazir Tunnel (900 metres), Al Saha Tunnel (300 metres), Al Saqab (1,300 metres) and Al Sidra Tunnel (2,700 metres).

Each tunnel is a double-lane with a width of 7.3 metres, 1.1-metre-wide side walkways, and internal passages between tunnels for emergency exit equipped with all electromechanical facilities meeting the latest international standards.

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