UPS exceeds driver training goal in UAE by 44%

UPS Road Code is inspired from safety training that UPS drivers receive to help them create the most accident-free environment possible.
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UPS has exceeded its goal of educating new drivers on safe driving techniques by 44% one year after its initial launch in the UAE.

This initiative is part of the UPS Road Code safe driving program, set up in collaboration with Emirates Foundation, an independent national organization set up by the Abu Dhabi Government, to facilitate public-private funded initiatives for the empowerment of youth across the UAE.

“UPS leads the industry in safety practices. We are proud to have exceeded last year’s goal to share our safe driving learning with the 576 young drivers in the UAE who are now better-informed and safer drivers,” said Benoit Biard, human resources director of human resources for UPS in the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, and Africa (ISMEA).

“And our collaboration with Emirates Foundation, combined with UPS’s in-kind commitment of USD $100,000, enables us to contribute to safer roads in the UAE,” he added.

The UPS Foundation is committing USD $100,000 to the Emirates Foundation to facilitate public-private funded initiatives in order to improve the welfare of youth across the country.

The UAE has amended federal traffic laws to further protect the lives of road users and reduce traffic casualties from about 6 per 100,000 people to 3 per 100,000 as per Vision 2021.

Aligned with this effort, and as part of the program, UPS and Emirates Foundation volunteers actively educate new drivers on safe driving techniques. Having committed to training 400 students in 2017, UPS has surpassed that target, taking the total number of verified Road Code graduates to 576.

The trainers use road code simulators to drive safety awareness among teens by enabling each student to have a hands-on-the-wheel virtual experience to identify road hazards. The simulators also help students understand the consequences of distracted driving, and, how phones, for instance, need to be managed.

UPS Road Code is inspired from safety training that UPS drivers receive to help them create the most accident-free environment possible. To date, 10,504 UPS drivers are part of the elite Circle of Honour (COH) program, comprised of drivers who have gone 25 years or more without an avoidable accident.

Globally, these Circle of Honour drivers have logged 14 billion miles and achieved more than 257,221 years of safe driving throughout their careers. That’s enough miles to circle the earth at the equator 562,000 times, or make 200 round-trips to Mars.

UPS Road Code training is offered at 112 sites in the United States, Canada, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico and UAE.

To date, more than 48,000 teenagers have participated in the safe driving program. The UPS Foundation’s top goal is to leverage its philanthropy, the resources of UPS and expertise of its employees to create public-private partnerships that are dedicated to advance the causes of local communities.

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