Carshare operator ekar partners with Autorent Middle East to add 200 cars to fleet

By end of 2018 ekar will have 500 cars on the roads in Abu Dhabi including 10% light electric vehicles.
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UAE-founded ekar has announced a strategic partnership with Autorent Middle East a leading car rental & leasing service provider to add 200 vehicles to the ekar fleet.

The move comes as ekar continues to dominate the carshare space in the UAE offering complete mobility solutions and a wide range of fleet options.

“The strategic partnership with Autorent will give a wider fleet reach in addition to even more models of car to choose from.  We are delighted to have Autorent on board,” said Vilhelm Hedberg, CEO, ekar. 

The carsharing phenomenon comes with environmental benefits including reduced air pollution, less parking infrastructure issues, fewer road expansions and more resources for park development and urban green spaces.

For every one carshare car on the road means there are seven owned cars off the road thereby contributing largely to the decrease in air pollution.

“We are glad to partner with ekar as we believe future is moving towards car sharing. The positive enablers of car sharing business such as mobility, end user convenience, technology will have a transformative impact on the eco-system of this industry,” said Rajkumar MK, COO of Autorent Car Rental.

ekar uses state-of-the-art instant reservations and smart access technology, providing a network of vehicles for on-demand rent in the UAE.

ekar enable users to easily discover and book available cars via its mobile app and website providing a cost-effective alternative to daily and monthly rentals by offering a “pay-by-the-use” pricing scheme.

Signing up for an ekar is simple, the only requirement being the user's driving license to be at least six months old. UAE residents who want to register with ekar are required to submit the back and front copies of their Emirates ID and driving license. For visiting tourists, the requirement is a valid passport copy and visa stamp page together with their international driver license.

ekar formally launched in January 2016 with Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi, later with Emirates Airlines, and also in January 2017 with the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) with 100 cars spread across the Emirate of Dubai.

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