Safety becomes key for commercial vehicles in UAE
Long operated with a ‘cheapest is best’ approach to new acquisitions, the commercial vehicles sector in the UAE is undergoing a major shift, driven by new regulations on safety.
Alibaba reveals new ‘affordable’ driverless delivery vehicle
A new autonomous delivery vehicle, guided by solid-state LIDAR technology, could cut the cost of robotic delivery systems to a few hundred dollars.
FMS Tech offers geo-fencing in UAE to boost fleet management
Geofencing is one of the most powerful features that FMS Tech offers as it gives the administrator control of establishing a virtual boundary around a specified location and sends alerts when a specific vehicle enters or exits the area.
Volvo introduces first all-electric truck
Sales and series production to begin in Europe initially.
RTA places largest ever order with Volvo
Volvo Buses and FAMCO have received an order from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority to supply 143 Volvo luxury intercity coaches over the next two years
Oman opens its longest ever highway, boosting internal trade
The 270-km, 4-lane road has 1,183 bridges, tunnels, and viaducts and 11,400 lampposts and is expected to make the overland trucking times
UPS exceeds driver training goal in UAE by 44%
UPS Road Code is inspired from safety training that UPS drivers receive to help them create the most accident-free environment possible.
Carshare operator ekar partners with Autorent Middle East to add 200 cars to fleet
By end of 2018 ekar will have 500 cars on the roads in Abu Dhabi including 10% light electric vehicles.
DHL deploys bicycles for inner city Dubai deliveries
DHL is deploying its custom cubicycle, already performing 60% of last mile inner city deliveries in Europe, in the UAE for the first time.
Middle East primed to leverage benefits of future mobility technologies
Giovanni Moscatelli, partner & managing director at The Boston Consulting Group Middle East, looks at the viability for the implementation of autonomous technologies in Middle East transport.
Famco introduces Euro 5 emission standard Volvo Trucks in the UAE
Move follows ESMA’s directives to import trucks that meet Euro 4 emission standards
FMS Tech launches Eagle Eye in GCC, the world’s first ‘black box’ for trucks
Fleet Management Systems & Technologies (FMS Tech) has launched FMS Eagle Eye, the first-ever integration of in-cabin smart cameras with telematics hardware and software in the GCC to ensure optimum security for fleets.

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