Virgin Hyperloop to feature passenger pod simulation at Expo 2020

Virgin Hyperloop will feature pods that physically simulate how it would feel to ride a Virgin Hyperloop One system.
Virgin hyperloop, Expo 2020, Dubai, United States


The US Department of State has selected Virgin Hyperloop to represent the USA on the US Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, the first World’s Fair to be held in the Middle East.

Virgin Hyperloop will feature pods that physically simulate how it would feel to ride a Virgin Hyperloop One system.  This experience, the first its kind, will give participants the chance to interact with the pods which will resemble the ones that will be used in commercial operations.

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“Expo 2020 follows on a rich 150-year-old global tradition of World Expos that have had a significant positive impact on transformative technologies and global cultural symbols,” said Jay Walder, CEO for Virgin Hyperloop One. 

“The Eiffel Tower, the Seattle Space Needle, the telephone, and the television were all former showcase items. However, Expos are not just about iconic buildings and innovations, but gatherings where nations come together to with the common goal of bringing innovation to the masses,” he added.

In addition, DP World, the largest investor in Virgin Hyperloop One and third-largest port authority in the world, will be featured next to the US Pavilion as the Expo’s Premier World Trade Partner.

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They will build out an exhibit to feature DP World Cargospeed, the cargo brand under Virgin Hyperloop One.

"Historically, cargo has always driven innovation in transportation and we see hyperloop technology as absolutely essential to the expanding market of on-demand, sustainable global shipping,” said Sultan bin Sulayem, chairman of DP World and Virgin Hyperloop One.

“Having Virgin Hyperloop One featured as a prominent symbol of global innovation at Expo 2020 is thrilling for us since we are so invested in the company – not just financially, but as believers in their unique technology,” he added.

Virgin Hyperloop One is active with projects in the Middle East, Europe, India, and in the United States of America.

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With a mission to create the first revolution in mass transportation in over a century, Virgin Hyperloop One is hoping to help these countries realise their social and economic visions of the future.

Virgin Hyperloop One is the only company in the world that has successfully tested its technology at scale, launching the first new mode of mass transportation in over a century.

The company successfully operated a full-scale hyperloop vehicle using electric propulsion and electromagnetic levitation under near-vacuum conditions, realising a fundamentally new form of transportation that is faster, safer, cheaper, and more sustainable than existing modes.

The company is now working with governments, partners, and investors around the world to make hyperloop a reality in years, not decades. Learn more about Virgin Hyperloop One’s technology, vision, and ongoing projects here.

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