MaK Middle East expands services for ‘legacy’ MaK engines

Scattered across the region are also vessels with MaK engines dating back to the 1980’s and 1990’s
Alan Naisby, managing director of MaK Middle East
Alan Naisby, managing director of MaK Middle East


With a large number of MaK powered vessels in the MENA region exceeding 25 years of age, MaK Middle East, the factory direct parts and service arm of parent Caterpillar Motoren has introduced the next level of ‘Legacy’ engine support.

“We have made further investments in MaK Middle East to bolster technical support and parts inventory for ‘Legacy’ engines in order to meet regional customer expectations,” says Alan Naisby, managing director of MaK Middle East.

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While the M25 is the most popular MaK engine in the region, with two 8 or 9 cylinder engines in Offshore PSV’s and a single 9 cylinder engine in tankers among the most common applications, there are also M32 engines in higher horsepower Offshore vessels and tankers, M43 engines in cargo applications and the DF46 fitted in cruise ships.

Scattered across the region, however, are also vessels with MaK engines dating back to the 1980’s and 1990’s including 332, 452, 453, 551, 552, and 601 models.

“As a Caterpillar company and an affiliate of the manufacturer of MaK engines, MaK Middle East has a unique ability to refer to our factory product drawings to support the service needs of customers with older MaK engines,” says Naisby.

“In tandem with this reference library, our service engineers through daily exposure to MaK and only MaK engines of all models, have built up a familiarity and expertise that cannot be gained by only occasional exposure to MaK ‘Legacy’ engines. In summary we have deep expertise in what have become low volume, rarely seen engines,” he added.

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The company has made investments as part of Caterpillar’s strategic goal of doubling its Manufacturing, Energy & Transportation Services revenue by 2026. To date MaK has invested in assets and skills in Dubai to establish its parts and service capability including engine and turbocharger machine tools, inventory, experienced technicians and engineers, and their factory training.

“The support of our parent corporation, Caterpillar, has been instrumental in supporting our investment in this region,” said Naisby. “[It] has also been of significant benefit to our operations, as it has provided us with the strong starting point of greater recognition, something which start-up organizations aren’t usually privileged to have.”

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