UAE’s Grandweld Shipyards launches sixth pilot boat for KOC

The pilot boat is the final delivery of a ten vessel order signed in May, 2017
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The UAE-based, Grandweld Shipyards has launched its sixth pilot boat for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), the tenth vessels overall delivered to the company.

The pilot boat is the final delivery of a ten vessel order signed in May, 2017 – four crew transport boats and six pilot boats – that Grandweld was required to build for KOC’s fleet.

With this launch, the total number of six deliverable pilot boats has been completed. Moreover, the remaining four boats that were already launched prior, will be delivered in June 2019 after full inspection and testing for sailing performance.

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In accordance with the classification standards of Lloyd's Register, the new pilot boat Meskan will provide high operational efficiency and safety.

Jamal Abki, general manager of Grandweld Shipyards said: “Through great proficiency, we have completed the building of KOC’s 10 boats before the specified deadline and it is with great pleasure that we are here today inaugurating the Meskan.”

“We are proud to once again demonstrate our first-tier time management and control of project workflow to meet deadlines promptly, if not ahead of schedule,” he added. “While violation of scheduled deadlines and specification changes seems to be a common market practice, Grandweld is dedicated to avoiding this trend.”

Abki further added: “Ensuring our clients’ utmost satisfaction and safeguarding their business opportunities are our top priorities. Despite the fact, that the agreed upon contract stipulated a speed of 22 knots for “MESKAN”, we have exceeded project specifications by designing and building it to reach a speed of up to 24 knots.

“This significant achievement was delivered by our engineers, and construction and design experts, without increasing client cost or requesting amendment of schedule or postponement of project delivery.

“This is yet another quality which distinguishes us from our competition in the shipbuilding market, as we guarantee our customers a higher return on their investments and better economic value operationally. With that said, this makes us feel eligible to tag our products with the ‘Made in UAE brand.’”

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