Emirates Delivery will eventually give Dubai e-com SMEs access to global market

Leading SkyCargo official Dennis Lister says US start is just the 'tip of the iceberg'
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The newly-launched Emirates Delivers e-commerce package delivery service between the US and the UAE is already in line for expansion.

Emirates SkyCargo announced the new service, an e-commerce delivery platform that allows customers shopping from multiple online retailers in the US to consolidate their purchases and have the goods delivered to a home or office address, at a press conference on Tuesday.

However, Dennis Lister, vice president, cargo commercial department, Emirates SkyCargo, stressed that, as phase one of the project, this was just the “tip of the iceberg”.

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Emirates SkyCargo operates to 13 destinations in the US, offering cargo capacity on over 100 weekly flights including scheduled freighter services to destinations including Columbus, Chicago, Houston and New York.

But Nabil Sultan Al Murr, divisional senior vice president – cargo, Emirates SkyCargo, revealed it is their plans to take the service global in comments published by Arabian Business.

He said: “The second phase we will open up to the SMEs and the retailers. If you’re a small retail store here in Dubai and you want to order your inventory on a regular basis, every 15 days or every one week, this platform will give you that capability.

“It’s no longer the case where you have to order three months, four months, six months stock, keep it here in Dubai, pay for its storage. It’s creating liquidity for the retailers, it saves them the storage costs and it gives them the flexibility of ordering products based on what the customer wants.”

Al Murr said that future phases would see retailers in Dubai being able to sell their products globally and described the expansion as a “no-brainer”.

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“One of the issues we’ve had is a lot of these retailers have probably been bombarded by a lot of e-commerce products coming and probably diluting their business. So why not allow our retailer also to sell globally and create the right platform? If I’m a small shop in Dubai, I should be able to link myself to this platform and all of a sudden I have access to global markets and I should be able to create the right e-commerce application out there selling my product,” he said.

Emirates SkyCargo has 12 Boeing 777Fs, each with capacity of 103 tonnes. In addition, the carrier's Boeing 777 passenger aircraft have up to 20 tonnes of belly-hold, while the Airbus A380s have 8 tonnes.

Al Murr said: “Eventually the number of originating destinations will grow to cover most of the key European destinations, which we can add to this portfolio. And on the receiving end it’s going to go beyond Dubai, it’s going to go to places like Nairobi, places in the Indian subcontinent and in the Middle East.”

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