REVEALED: World’s first cargo A380

Converted superjumbo can hold nearly 60 tonnes of cargo as air freight demand replaces passenger traffic
Air freight, Cargo a380


Charter airline Hi Fly has created the world’s first cargo Airbus A380 after passenger demand for air travel traffic plummeted and freight demand shot up following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lufthansa Technik converted the iconic superjumbo so that the A380-800 utilises all three levels to offer 300 cubed metres of volume capacity and close to 60 tonnes of cargo.

All of the economy seats have been stripped out and even the overhead lockers are being utilised for cargo space.

When demand for air travel evaporated in late March following international border restrictions, many doubted that the world’s largest commercial passenger aircraft would fly again.

But Lufthansa Technik revealed in early May that it was working on a conversion of the massive A380.

According to Hi Fly, when both the aircraft’s top and main decks are filled, they offer a capacity of 164.56 cubed meters.

The cargo deck of the aircraft, which remains unchanged, can hold a total of 133.3 meters cubed of cargo.

Hi Fly said the measures are temporary.

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