Watch: Lightning bolt just misses Emirates A380 aircraft

Moment caught on camera at Christchurch Airport in New Zealand
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Dramatic footage has been posted online of an Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft almost being struck by lightning at Christchurch Airport in New Zealand.

The short film was captured by a pilot from Garden City Helicopters during a severe thunderstorm in the area on Wednesday last week.

"The view out our window onto the tarmac today!" the company wrote on Facebook. "The Emirates plane [was] waiting for the storm to pass."

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"The planes were all waiting to unload but couldn't because of the weather,” said Billie Hammett of Garden City Helicopters in a statement to, adding that there were “multiple lightning strikes” during that storm.

The pilot, who captured the moment, has been identified as Daniel Currie.

The BBC reported that MetService New Zealand had issued thunderstorm warnings for the area.

Parts of the Canterbury region suffered severe storms, with hailstones the size of eggs in places, local media report.

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