UK said to ban Emirates airline's first class shower attendants

Emirates airline 'shower attendants' are non-licensed to fly and do not receive the same training as cabin crew
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According to travel blog and website One Mile at a Time, UK Border Control has told the airline that these staff members may no longer fly to the UK, as the country has a “restriction with entry of non-licensed crew”.

The website noted that shower attendants – who work full time on flights – ensure that shower facilities are clean. They do not receive the same training as cabin crew and must be seated when the seatbelt sign is on.

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Additionally, the shower staff do not have the same flying licences and special visas as cabin crew. It is believed this is the reason for the UK’s ban on the staff.

In a statement sent to Arabian Business, an Emirates spokesperson said the airline “abides by the rules and regulations of the respective issuing country for our operating crew”.

“We are reviewing our resources and making adjustments on board to ensure our customers continue to receive the signature Emirates service,” the spokesperson added.

Emirates operates the A380 on flights to London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester.

The UK Home Office did not respond to a request for comment.

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