Emirates tweets video of car chasing A380 down the runway

Airport car chases Emirates A380 during takeoff
Emirates A380, Dusseldorf


Emirates Airline posted a video on Twitter this week that had some in the Twittersphere baffled as to why what looked like an emergency vehicle was chasing one of their planes down the runway.

In the video, an Emirates A380 is seen hurtling down an unnamed runway, when a car with flashing lights cuts into the frame and makes a hard right to follow it.

According to Gulf News, Emirates responded to a request for comment with the explanation that the car is in fact an airport ‘follow me’ vehicle at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany.

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“What you see here is that our A380 takes-off and then the airport follow me car goes on the runway to carry out a routine inspection. This is an airport ‘follow me’ car. One of its tasks is to frequently check runways / taxiways for debris to enable smooth operations. Airports have such vehicles, used for a variety of functions,” said the Emirates spokesperson.

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