Unruly Air India Express passenger delays Dubai flight to Mumbai

Delay lasted 90 minutes after temperature issues inside airplane prompted incident
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An Air India Express flight from Dubai to Mumbai had to return to the airport terminal at Dubai after taxiing on Sunday evening due to the unruly behaviour of a passenger.

The incident delayed the flight by one-and-a-half-hours, close on the heels of a 27-hour delay by an Air India flight from Dubai to Kochi on the same day.

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A senior official at Air India Express told Arabian Business that due to the high outside temperature at Dubai, the flight cabin of IX 248 was warm while taxiing.

“This led to some of the passengers complaining about the air conditioning not working properly but the crew explained that the cooling will increase once the flight takes off. So the passengers were pacified, except one lady, an Indian, who got almost hysterical and started shouting at the crew, creating a ruckus,” the airline official said.

While the crews were giving the safety demonstration, the passenger, seated in 26 C, kept shouting for water and kept shouting that she did not want to travel, despite the other passengers requesting her to keep calm, the airline official said.

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“As part of the safety protocol, our crew had to inform the captain about the behaviour by this lady passenger and when they were talking on the intercom to the captain, the lady passenger had snatched the phone. This made the crew scared as flying with such a passenger for nearly four hours will be risky and the aircraft had to be returned to the terminal,” the official said.

As per the procedure in Dubai, the airline crew had to call the police to deplane the unruly passenger.

The Air India Express official said after offloading, the female passenger was handed over to the airline’s ground staff at Dubai airport, who took care of her.

The airline, however, did not file any complaint against the passenger, the official said.

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