Dubai-bound flight makes emergency landing due to poisoning symptoms

Flight from Moscow to Dubai makes emergency landing after passengers start suffocating and turning green.
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A flight to Dubai was forced to make an emergency landing in Volgograd, Russia, an hour after takeoff due to fears that passengers had been poisoned, according to The Sun.

Ural Airlines flight U6-893 took off from Moscow on Saturday carrying 150 passengers, but after an hour in the air, some passengers complained they couldn’t breath and began turning green.

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“All of them had greatly dilated pupils. They were suffocating. The flight attendants were in panic, and the aircraft captain decided to make an emergency landing in Volgograd,” a passenger, Ilya Brinder, told TV360.

The illness swept through rows 21 and 26 in the economy cabin as the plane prepared to land.

A female passenger who deplaned in Volgograd told The Sun, “I was woken by a young woman screaming for assistance. She yelled and screamed 'Help, help!' because her husband felt ill. He was feeling really bad. He was suffocating and he couldn't breathe in.”

“His face went the color green. Then a panic swept through the plane,” she continued.

According to Russia media reports, the pilot requested an emergency landing about an hour and 25 minutes into the flight.

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An airport official said ambulances met the plane on the tarmac and at least two people were taken to hospital. Several others were treated by paramedics.

The plane was searched and checked by security officials before being cleared and boarded again. Passengers were also checked before being re-boarded. The plane eventually landed safely in Dubai at 3:23 a.m.

There has been no official explanation for what caused the symptoms on board, though some have speculated it may have been food poisoning.

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