Double bomb threats cause midair emergencies on either side of world

On both planes, authorities described a “threatening note” having been found.
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On the same day last week, on opposite sides of the world (Prague and Sydney), the same threatening note was found aboard two commercial airliners shortly after take-off, forcing both to declare a mid-air emergency and land.

On both planes, authorities described a “threatening note” having been found.

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Tigerair’s flight TT271 to Melbourne was forced to return to Sydney Airport after a “written threat” was found on board, Australian police said.

A Jet2 flight from Manchester to Prague made an emergency landing in Prague after a similar threat. According to passenger reports, the captain announced that a “threatening note” had been found, and told everyone to evacuate the plane.

All the passengers on that flight were held for five hours as they were searched and questioned. It’s unclear if any arrests were made.

Prague Airport confirmed local police “checked the airport because of a potential bomb threat” and added that “all cabin baggage” needed to be checked.

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The Tigerair Sydney to Melbourne flight didn’t make it as far as its destination. The plane was forced to return to Sydney, where emergency services met the plane.

A Tigerair Australia spokesman said in a statement: “The captain made the decision to return to Sydney following an incident on-board. In line with standard procedures, the Australian Federal Police met the aircraft on arrival.”

An investigation is underway by Botany Bay Police Area Command.

Although the two threats were very similar in nature, it’s unclear if it was a coordinated event.

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