IQ Robotics: A Future in Robotics Within Reach

The rise of e-commerce has changed the way businesses have functioned, more so in the logistics, fulfilments, and delivery sectors
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11 November marks Singles’ Day in China, the biggest shopping day on the planet, and this year was no exception, with Alibaba Group Holding Limited hitting another record high across 24 hours of frenzied buying and selling. The Chinese multinational conglomerate revealed that its platforms sold goods worth ¥268 billion, or $38.4 billion.

This is not an isolated incident. The rise of e-commerce has changed the way businesses have functioned, more so in the logistics, fulfilments, and delivery sectors, with the human workforce depending more and more on robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning that have played a key role in this transformation.

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In this context, IQ Robotics, an AI-driven fully robotic business that’s spearheading the digital transformation of the logistics sector, was launched in Dubai on September 2019 to provide full back-end solutions using the latest in robotics, AI, and software platforms to support supply chain and logistics. IQ Robotics is a provider of tailor-made technology turnkey solutions that seek to promote the automation of all processes, bringing significant benefits to B2B customers.

Though technology is continuously striving to maximise efficiency and offer optimal solutions for businesses, it can, however, be challenging to adopt and implement, made evident by its lack of utility to its full potential.

IQ Robotics offers solutions that cover robotics, warehouse automation, software solutions, package protection, labelling solutions, and other related services. This is accomplished by its exclusive international partnerships with companies such as Quicktron, Honeywell Logistics Technology company, Damon technologies, Locked Air, COTAO and CubiLink among others. The services offered by IQ Robotics, through its partners include autonomous picking and sorting vehicles that will make logistics more seamless and efficient for SMEs as well as large-scale enterprises.

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IQ Robotics is creating a centre of excellence out of Dubai, with a team of international and local experts that is directly involved in the customer journey from start to finish. It represents another innovative, disruptive technology enterprise by IQ Holding is set to redefine the region’s logistics sector through the power of robotics and AI.

IQ Robotics addresses a vital market requirement, especially as the region focuses on digital transformation. It brings world-class automated and robotic technologies that will enable businesses to scale up their growth. The UAE’s focus on strengthening its digital infrastructure offered IQ Robotics a perfect platform to launch this pioneering business in Dubai.

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