Saudi trade platform Fasah ‘essential to logistics hub ambitions’

Fasah launches new services for Saudi logistics at GITEX Technology Week 2019
Abdulrhaman Dawood Al-Dawood, marketing manager, Fasah
Abdulrhaman Dawood Al-Dawood, marketing manager, Fasah


Saudi Arabia is participating in GITEX Technology Week 2019, represented by the unified national import and export system (Fasah), which marketing manager Abdulrhaman Dawood Al-Dawood says is essential to the Kingdom’s logistics ambitions.

“We’re connected to 27 different government agencies, making Fasah the one-stop-shop for trade in the country, it reduces lead times, paperwork and costs,” he explains. “As one simple example, a year ago it could take up to three weeks to get a cargo shipment cleared by customs, now it takes less than 24 hours.”

The smart logistics platform is showcasing Fasah Pay, which has ended all paper-based import and export financial transactions, making them available electronically; thus, providing customers with reliability and flexibility.

Crucial to Saudi Arabia’s logistics hub ambitions, the platform also introduced Fasah Truck Management this year, which increases the capacity of ports and reduces congestion. “Before, a truck would just drive into the port and then wait for the cargo to be ready and the driver would also be paying customs fees and other payments manually, along with a lot of paperwork,” explains Al-Dawood. “Now, it’s all scheduled and controlled online. We’ve reduced the time that trucks spend in the port area to less than half an hour, so now the same truck can transport four or fives times the amount of cargo out of the port in the time it took for one trip before.”

Fasah Truck Management has been deployed at King Abdul Aziz Port in October, but there are plans to roll it out to the Causeway, Jeddah Islamic Port and Dammam Port in early 2020.

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