Palo Alto aims to help businesses secure their data at GITEX

The cyber attack on a major logistics company in Kuwait reveals important vulnerabilities says executive
Haider Pasha, senior director and chief security officer, EMER, Palo Alto Networks
Haider Pasha, senior director and chief security officer, EMER, Palo Alto Networks


Cyber-security company Palo Alto Networks is exhibiting at GITEX Technology Week 2019 with the aim of helping businesses become better informed about the state of their cyber-security. It’s participation in the event comes just weeks after a major cyber-security attack on a big logistics company in Kuwait, which Haider Pasha, senior director and chief security officer for the EMER region, says is a perfect example of some of the vulnerabilities to which many companies leave themselves open.

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“When you consider what happened to the logistics company in Kuwait, they’re one example, but we've seen similar types of attacks happening all around the world. The attack exploited a vulnerability in the system. There was a backdoor that was installed inside of that system and then once that was compromised, additional programs could be installed that then propagated throughout their digital environment,” explains Pasha.

Because of this, even if a company is able to find the backdoor and get rid of it, the malware remains active in the system through a series of redundancies. “How you prevent that is by instilling a cyber-security consciousness throughout the organisation, you don’t work with third parties without proper cyber-security for example, and you deploy greater integration.”

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Too many companies still go for a layered approach to cyber-security, according to Pasha. “This worked twenty years ago, but nowadays we need to move away from having several dozen cyber-security companies operating in silos and instead automate and integrate more of the processes, so that when an attack happens, the system’s response is coordinated.”

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