Dubai launches VR tech to help train passenger transport drivers

Public Transport Agency unveils initial phase of technology aims at improving performance and reducing accidents
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Dubai's Public Transport Agency has launched the initial stage of virtual reality (VR) technology in the training of passenger transport drivers.

The agency, part of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), is the first government entity in the Middle East to use VR technology in this field.

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The technology has been integrated into the training modules of passenger transport drivers, which aims to improve their performance, a statement said.

“The introduction of smart VR technology is part of a plan for privatising passenger transport training, and will be generalised later on to all contracted training institutes... The initial phase of the VR technology is focused on the inspection process for the buses before receiving them, which ultimately contributes to RTA’s vision of safe and smooth transport for all,” said Abdullah Al Meer, director of drivers affairs at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

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In the second phase, the RTA will use VR technology in basic and follow-up training courses and will also be part of the rehabilitation process of drivers involved in traffic accidents and responding to customer complaints.

The VR technology is characterised by 3D innovative learning tools such as the visualisation and online training, the statement added.

Under the process, drivers will experience various scenarios of interactive training including exposure to different climatic and road conditions to polish their skills in controlling buses and averting traffic accidents, said Al Meer.

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