Ematec develops a universal traverse system for heavy loads

Bavarian specialist supplier Ematec develops a universal traverse system for stabilising and manipulating of heavy and heaviest loads
Ematec, Germany, Crane, Heavy lift
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Ematec AG, based in Memmingerberg near Memmingen, Germany is revolutionising the workflow for lifting operations in the heavy-duty sector.

With the aid of the Ematec manipulation traverse, in short EMT, loads and components weighing up to 250 tons can be precisely manipulated, positioned and stabilised.

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On top of that, it can be used in almost any weather, because the system which consists of the EMT and the load is absolutely wind resistant thanks to the construction and functionality of the traverse, thus ensuring process and work safety on the construction site.

"We got the idea for our new traverse right on the construction site, where rotor blades were mounted with a rotor blade lifter developed by us,” said Manfred Eberhard, CEO of Ematec Corporation. “This is done in a quick and efficient way. However, for each additional component of the wind turbine that had to be lifted up, there existed a separate gripping and assembly tool.”

“Whether it was the hub, the nacelle or the generator: each time a new lifting tool had to be installed to the crane. The effort was enormous and the set-up times were considerably exceeding the actual mounting costs,” he added. “That was when we came up with the idea of developing a flexible traverse fixed to the crane hook and to which various adapters could be attached and exchanged in a quick and easy way."

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