Logistics tech start-up Qafila selected by leading incubator in5

Qafila aims to make the container shipping sector in UAE more efficient.
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in5, an enabling platform for students, entrepreneurs and start-ups has recently accepted logistics start-up, Qafila, into its incubation programme.

Qafila is a digital age freight & logistics company designed to enhance customer experience, streamline operational efficiencies and provide around the clock customer support.

“Logistics in the GCC is a US $50 billion business and very inefficient when it comes to the processes within Shipping and Logistics,” said Atif Rafiq, CEO and Co-founder at Qafila.

“I believe our platform can bring the industry into the digital age through transparent and efficient processes for operators across the region,” he added. “We are very pleased to have been selected by in5 as part of its incubation programme. This will give us the opportunity and the space to create the platform that we have envisaged.”

Qafila’s platform, the first in the UAE in this sector, offers shippers instant quote, the convenience of online booking, management of your shipment and finally track & trace across your supply chain. 

This allows the shipper to create operational efficiencies, saving them not only time but costs in man-hours through a very transparent process.

It is currently offering logistics support for FCL (Full Container Load) by ocean with plans to offer air shipments and LCL (Less Container Load) by March 2019.

“We believe quite strongly that enhancing customer experience and digitization is the key to the future of trade & logistics,” Rafiq added.

“In a region where governments like the UAE are pushing for Industry 4.0, AI and other smart initiatives across the country, saving time and money is important to success and growth of any business,” he said.

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