RSA Global first 3PL to offer digital warehousing and 3D inventory printing

Through the partnership with Immensa, RSA will be able to provide customers with on-demand inventory production capability.
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RSA Global has signed an agreement with Immensa Technology Labs (Immensa), the UAE’s leading Additive Manufacturing (AM or 3D printing) company, for the development of ‘Digital Inventory’ and ‘Virtual Warehouse’ solutions via an exclusive strategic partnership.

RSA Global is a UAE-based third-party logistics provider headquartered in Dubai. It is a fully-integrated logistics company with a tech forward mindset and through the partnership will be able to provide customers on-demand inventory production capability.

This will substantially reduce raw material costs and lead times.

Customers who are ordinarily saddled with expensive manufacturing costs for parts, long lead times, and high transportation expenses can expect further convenience with greater scope for customisation in their production line, and a favourable impact to cash flow.

Abhishek Ajay Shah, co-founder and group CEO at RSA Global (left), with Fahmi Al Shawwa, CEO of Immensa.

“This technology is catching the attention of logistics companies on a global level, with companies like UPS, FEDEX and many others taking steps to integrate it into their business,” said Fahmi Al Shawwa, CEO of Immensa.

“RSA Global has positioned itself at the forefront of this technological evolution by choosing to adopt this game-changing solution, which will provide impressive added value by freeing up cash and reducing shipping and storage costs through a virtually managed inventory,” he added.

Abhishek Ajay Shah, co-founder and group CEO at RSA Global said: “Technology has been one of the three pillars of RSA’s business strategy, aside from focusing on niche markets and being a value driven solutions provider. As an agile company, we are constantly assessing how technology can further simplify our customers’ supply chains and how we can support their growth.”

Immensa is at the forefront of applying AM services on a mechanical and industrial level in the region and is confident that the technology will play a major role within the global supply chain, directly impacting the logistics and 3PL sector worldwide.

As one of the few companies in the world that offers full ‘Inventory Digitisation’ and ‘Virtual Warehousing’ services to companies, Immensa says it is leading the move toward a more streamlined global supply chain that is supported and strengthened by AM technology.

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