Emirates Transport plans major digital transformation

Emirates Transport will implement Oracle Cloud Applications in major digital transformation across all its core business operations.
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Transportation and logistics giant Emirates Transport is looking to digitise its core business operations through the implementation of Oracle Cloud Applications.

The initiative will help Emirates Transport introduce offerings that create new revenue streams, deliver better customer service and increase operational efficiency.

“The UAE’s transportation sector is experiencing sustained growth on the back of promising economic activities across infrastructure development, government investment and private sector expansion”, said Faryal Tawakul, executive director of Support Services at Emirates Transport.

“These changes have created significant growth opportunities for Emirates Transport and by using the latest cloud technologies to drive expansion and offer unmatched services to our customers; we will be able to establish a huge competitive advantage,” Tawakul added.

This move is the first in a planned business transformation that will be much larger in scope.

“This is our first step towards implementing a more elaborate digital transformation roadmap which in due course will also explore the implementation of next gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) to help us drive long term growth,” said Tawakul.

With Oracle Cloud Applications, the Emirates Transport management will be able to take advantage of a complete and fully-integrated suite of applications to increase business agility and reduce costs.

The new cloud applications will provide Emirates Transport with full financial control, simplifying procurement processes and allowing the management to make data driven investment and business decisions.

The Emirates Transport management team will also be able to run simulations for new services and programs to ensure an exceptional customer experience and high employee engagement.

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