Techstars Dubai debuts innovative solutions for GCC logistics

Autonomous drones and security cameras as tracking devices at TechStars in Dubai.
Mutual Al Sayer, CEO, Omnix Labs presents her solution during Tech Stars event in Dubai.
Mutual Al Sayer, CEO, Omnix Labs presents her solution during Tech Stars event in Dubai.


The Techstars Dubai Accelerator supports pioneering entrepreneurs leading innovative companies that are solving challenges in many areas.

During a media event at Emirates Towers in Dubai, Logistics Middle East spoke to two of the finalists about the solutions that they’ve developed to solve logistics challenges in the region.

Flugauto is a startup that has developed proprietary technology for the operation of an autonomous flying vehicle that is a hybrid between a helicopter and an airplane. According to Frank Noppel, co-founder, CEO, Flugauto, it provides the benefits of a helicopter for logistics at the cost of a car.

“Flugauto is revolutionising the way cargo is transported within and around metropolitan areas. We’re developing an autonomous flying vehicle that can take off and land vertically,” he says.

“We’re here in Dubai because there is a lot of momentum in the autonomous vehicle industry and there are clear strategies in place to promote autonomous vehicles. Dubai is where we’ll see these solutions becoming mainstream first,” he adds.

The vehicle will carry up to 250 kilograms over a distance of 200 kilometres. It takes off like a helicopter and cruises like a plane. “We’re in discussions with players in the logistics industry and oil and gas industry in the Middle East,” Noppel adds.

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Omnix Labs has developed technology for the tracking and monitoring of goods and people flows within warehouses. According to Mutual Al Sayer, CEO, Omnix Labs, the solution is a perfect fit for logistics companies in the Middle East.

“Businesses such as logistics companies can benefit because our solution identifies and tracks structured items such as vehicles (the make, the model, the colour, the registration etc) and that data can then be linked into the ERP of the logistics company,” she says. “You can track how long a route took, tracks what’s taken off or put on. The movement of people within the warehouse can be monitored to reduce idle times. Containers are another item that can be tracked and monitored without the use of additional technology.”

Omnix Labs is aiming to leverage the existing infrastructure that all business have such as surveillance camers, which instead of recording for security purposes, can also be used as ‘intelligent eyes’ tracking movement of people and goods.

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