Video: Honeywell introduces e-commerce logistics tech for Middle East

Honeywell launches Mobility Edge Platform for supply chain efficiency in the region
Edmond Mikhael, general manager, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META).
Edmond Mikhael, general manager, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META).


Honeywell has announced a new hardware and software platform available in the Middle East for the next generation of its mobile computers, with growing demand for e-commerce logistics expected to be a key driver of adaption.

“The Middle East is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets globally, and Honeywell understands the competitive pressures being faced by the region’s retailers and logistics operators in this space,” said Edmond Mikhael, general manager, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META).

“Consumers have high expectations that need to be met, including a desire for faster delivery times, and for their online orders to be shipped free of cost,” he added. “To respond to these increasing demands, Honeywell saw the need for comprehensive and scalable solutions, and has introduced the Mobility Edge Platform as a result.”  

The devices are used globally by distribution centres, transportation and logistics providers, and retailers to increase worker productivity and capture critical data.

Due to its strategic location, vastly improved transport and shipping infrastructure and booming e-commerce market, the Middle East’s Transport & Logistics (T&L) sector has been pegged as a key driver of economic diversification.

With this in mind, logistics managers, retailers and distribution centre workers need to capitalise on technology to improve cycle times, prevent errors and increase productivity to meet growing consumer demands.

The Mobility Edge Platform comprises common hardware architecture and a suite of tools on which Honeywell and its partners will build future mobility solutions, which include rugged handheld computers, wearable devices, voice-directed technology, tablets and vehicle-mounted computers.

The platform is designed for Google’s Android Enterprise operating system, which is increasingly becoming the standard for industrial mobile devices. It offers a long product lifecycle by supporting current and future versions of Android OS– more than any competitive offering on the market.

Additionally, the common platform provides consistency across Honeywell’s next-generation devices and makes it easier for customers to upgrade current models, manage device refreshes and quickly deploy software applications.

“Because we built the Mobility Edge Platform with an Android-first mindset, businesses will have the confidence that our devices will support future versions of the operating system without having to make new hardware investments to upgrade their infrastructure,” Mikhael adds. “Leveraging a single, unified platform will make adding new devices and testing and deploying business-critical mobile hardware and software easier and faster.”

Honeywell also announced the DolphinTM CT60 handheld computer, the first new mobile device to run on the Mobility Edge Platform.

The rugged device is designed for transportation, logistics and retail workers and offers an extended battery life, high- performance scanning and other productivity features.

Watch the video below:

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