Rebuilding after Covid: How warehouses are ensuring worker safety
Mark Wheeler, Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Zebra Technologies, details how workers can remain safe and efficient post-pandemic
What will warehouse, fulfillment and distribution look like in 2025?
Mark Wheeler, Director, Supply Chain Solutions at Zebra Technologies, discusses the kind of technologies driving evolution in the logistics sector
Zebra Technologies launches proximity sensing solution to protect employees
Timely solution helps customers implement comprehensive reopening strategies
70% of public safety agencies want to accelerate mobile tech take-up
Respondents say such investments must be quicker to keep pace with technological advancements
How Technology is Leading Millennials Away from Brick and Mortar Stores
At the heart of the millennial’s modus operandi is the consumption of technology
Some 75% of millennials abandon in-store purchases due to out of stocks
The main culprit for retailers losing in-store purchases to online shopping is due to issues with inventory management, particularly out-of-stocks.
Zebra Technologies expands printing portfolio for logistics
New mobile RFID printer and entry-level desktop printers address multiple customer needs
Comment: Warehouse automation critical to future-proof fulfillment
Hozefa Saylawala is director of sales for the Middle East at Zebra Technologies
How to save a sale with efficient warehouse operations
Mark Thomson, director of Retail & Hospitality EMEA, at Zebra Technologies, looks at the important role an efficient warehouse plays in retail sales in the Middle East market.

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