US Navy

US aircraft followed by fleet of UFOs, says navy pilots
None of the pilots suggest that these perplexing UFOs represent an extraterrestrial invasion
US beefs up naval presence in Arabian Gulf
The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has entered the Arabian Gulf, joining the U.S. 5th Fleet to support maritime and air operations in the region.
US aircraft carrier in Jebel Ali ahead of Gulf pullout
USS Theodore Roosevelt docks in Jebel Ali ahead of rumoured pull out from Arabian Gulf
Iran, US and Saudi warships in tense Yemen standoff
Iran sends warships to escort cargo ship into US and Saudi controlled waters off Yemen
US Navy increases presence in Strait of Hormuz and Gulf
US Navy adds vessels and amphibious strike group to Middle East deployment as Strait of Hormuz patrols stepped up
US Navy now accompanying UK vessels in Strait of Hormuz
US officials say the US Navy will accompany all US and UK vessels through the Strait of Hormuz
US Navy expands warship deployment off Yemen
US Navy sends aircraft carrier to Yemen coast to protect 'vital shipping route'

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