traffic accident

Police say tailgating has killed 11 in Dubai this year
This figure covers the period from January to May, 2015.
Deaths on UAE roads fall by 21% in first quarter
Deaths on the UAE's roads during Q1 fell by 21% while injuries fell by 14.8%
UAE drivers 'should retake test every five years'
Warning follows statistics that reveal just 1% of Dubai's drivers avoided any traffic fines in 2014.
Dubai Police fine over 60,000 for jaywalking in 2014
Head of traffic police warns jaywalkers they are 'sprinting towards death'.
Sandstorm causes 135 traffic accidents in Dubai
Thick orange haze caused chaos on some Gulf roads for two days.
New sensors monitor traffic violations in Dubai
The "very efficient" radars record hard shoulder violations.
Abu Dhabi reports 23% less deaths on 10 deadliest roads
Abu Dhabi-Al Sila Road remains the most deadly road in Abu Dhabi but deaths fell on all ten roads to 120 from 156
Officials announce plan to make Dubai roads less deadly
Heavy trucks to be focus of safety campaign along with jaywalkers and motorcycles
Safety course lets UAE drivers reduce penalty points
Violators will be given a 'once-a-year opportunity' to reduce points.
Police criticise Tim Hortons for social media blunder
Company’s CEO apologies for promoting drinking beverages and driving.
Runaway car forced to crash into RAK police
This is the third incident of its kind in Ras Al Khaimah.
Dubai Police record 16 road deaths in July
The 2014 total so far is 106, which is an increase on last year.

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