Sulphur emissions dominate discussions at Seatrade ShipTech Middle East
Shipping industry addresses the challenges during the opening day of Seatrade ShipTech Middle East 2019
Opinion: as shipping goes green, banks are keeping up
As the International Maritime Organisation clamps down on harmful gas emissions from ships, banks - as the industry's financiers - are evolving alongside
IMO 2020 supply chain disruption of greater concern than costs say shippers
Most shippers appear to be more concerned about the impact IMO 2020 sulphur regulations will have on the supply chain than the increased costs because of it.
IMO sulphur cap to cause volatility in GCC oil supply chain throughout 2019
Because all six GCC states are signatories to the IMO and because the energy sector is one of the most heavily export-oriented industries in the region, the regional chemical industry has one of the longest and most costly supply chains.
Port of Fujairah bans the use of open-loop scrubbers ahead of IMO 2020
Open loop scrubbers are cheaper, but while they prevent sulphur emissions from ships escaping into the atmosphere, heavy metals and sulphur end up being discharged into seas with washing water.
Etihad Rail awards locomotive contract to US firm
Electro-Motive Diesel to build locomotives for stage 1 of new railway.

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