Ship bound for Saudi Arabia with 14,600 sheep aboard capsizes off Romania
The Queen Hind bound for Saudi Arabia overturned for yet unknown reasons shortly after leaving Romania's Midia port
Australian livestock export ban for Middle East hits Eid Al Adha sacrifice prices
Without Australia as an export option, traders have been forced to rely on goats from India, but New Delhi does not allow livestock to be exported by sea during the summer months, and air freight adds an extra AED300 on average to the cost of each animal.
Australia may extend Middle East livestock export ban through summer
The ban, which began in June, may be extended for another three months amid backlash over whistleblower footage of a voyage on which more than 2,000 sheep died
Australia’s new heat stress test may bring end to sheep exports to Middle East
New draft rules on sheep exports from the Australian government could bring total end to livestock trade with Middle East.
Middle East livestock ships targeted by Australian officials
Australia tightens livestock regulations following horrific video showing conditions aboard Middle East-bound vessel.

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