10 ways to secure supply chains
Emile Abou Saleh, regional director, Middle East & Africa at Proofpoint shares the main steps companies can take to protect themselves from some obvious supply chain email attacks.
TAPA honours Project CARGO and the State Criminal Office of Saxony-Anhalt for their ‘outstanding work’ in dismantling organised crime groups involved in cargo thefts
A study by the European Parliament previously estimated the cost of cargo crimes in Europe to be some EURO 8.2 billion a year
Comment: Securing the Supply Chain
Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal CTO, says the modern inter-connected supply chain is also a serious cause for concern from a security perspective
Etihad Airways subsidiary Etihad Secure Logistics expands vehicle fleet
The valuables management and logistics operator announced the addition of three state-of-the-art armoured vehicles to its fleet
Logistics security firm Transguard launches Emiratisation hiring program
Throughout the Graduate Programme, candidates will join an area of the business they’re interested in
Kuwait plans to install radioactive monitoring devices at borders
These devices enhance protection of the country from radioactive and nuclear materials, as well as early detection of any radioactive threat, Al-Jalawi said in a statement
US Central Command chief vows to boost Gulf maritime security
Kenneth McKenzie pledges to work 'aggressively' to ensure maritime safety in strategic Gulf waters
Shipping companies hire guards for protection in Strait of Hormuz
This comes amid escalating tensions between Iran and the West, after a spate of attacks on tankers in May and June around the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman, which the United States has blamed on Iran.
Kuwait prepares joint cooperation protocol to protect ports amid Iran tensions
The key Opec exporter wants to ensure that it’s access to market is not impacted by a potential conflict in the region.
Insurer reveals worst country in Middle East for cargo theft
Unlike other regions in the world, where smash and grab was the greatest threat, BSI and TT Club most commonly recorded cargo truck hijackings as the primary type of theft in the Middle East and Africa.
Iranian mines likely caused UAE tanker blasts says US
The UAE has not yet blamed anyone for the sabotage of four vessels, including two Saudi tankers, near Fujairah
TAPA appoints Thorsten Neumann as its first-ever full-time president & CEO
TAPA EMEA appoints Thorsten Neumann as President & CEO to accelerate its role as the world’s leading end-to-end supply chain resilience association

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