plane crash

VIDEO: New footage shows moment of Amazon Air plane crash
The video from the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office captures the final seconds of Flight 3591 as it nose-dived into Trinity Bay, near Anahuac, Texas.
Amazon Prime cargo plane chartered from Atlas Air crashes killing all on-board
The twin-engine jet was seen nose-diving into Trinity Bay near Anahuac, east of Houston, by witnesses.
Fire erupts as passenger jets collide on runway
Dozens of passengers were evacuated from the aircraft after a plane under tow struck an arriving jet that was waiting to park, sparking a fire.
Second cargo plane crash in a week raises eyebrows
A small cargo plane skidded off the runway on landing, but is the second to do so in less than a week.
Contracted UPS air freighter crash kills all aboard
A plane operated by Air Cargo Carriers and contracted by UPS Express has crashed killing both the pilot and co-pilot.
No survivors in domestic plane crash
All passengers aboard a Aerogaviota flight that disappeared on Saturday morning are believed to have died in a crash landing in a remote part of Cuba.
Cargo plane crash wipes out half a town in Kyrgyzstan
A Turkish cargo plane operated by ACT Airlines has crashed in Kyrgyzstan, killing all four crew members and at least 33 people on the ground, according to the BBC.
American Airlines jet bursts in flames during take-off
American Airlines pilots were forced to abort a take-off and evacuate passengers at Chicago’s O’Hare International after the plane burst into flames while thundering down the runway.
Emirates plane bursts in flames in Dubai crash landing
An Emirates Airlines plane with 300 people on-board has crash landed at Dubai International Airport.
Aviation industry shaken as another plane crashes
Two plane crashes within hours of each other have left the aviation industry shaken this week, with investigators frantically seeking answers in both incidents.
EgyptAir says plane missing over Meditteranean
Cairo-bound EgyptAir flight has been reported missing as it lost radar communication over the Mediterranean Sea carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew.
VIDEO: Paris Hilton thinks plane is crashing in Dubai
Socialite Paris Hilton has become the latest prank victim of Egyptian actor Ramez Galal after he made her believe her plane was about to crash

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