Plane carrying US military personnel evacuated on runway
The only operational runway at Shannon has been closed. All operations have been suspended.
US airport security finds 'souvenir' missile launcher bought in Kuwait
The man, a resident of Jacksonville, Texas, told officials that he was an active military personnel
Passenger goes into labour on Saudi flight
Filipino woman began experiencing abdominal pain and contractions on Saudia flight
Wake turbulence from landing Airbus A350 may have caused Dubai plane crash
French investigators say video footage shows light aircraft encountered 'possible wake turbulence' at about 1,100ft
Honeywell-chartered plane crashes near Dubai International
Three UK nationals and one South African confirmed killed after crash involving small aircraft temporarily halts operations at Dubai International Airport
Air France flight makes emergency landing in Iran before re-routing to Dubai
The flight, which had departed Paris bound for Mumbai, landed at 5pm local time after the pilot’s declared an emergency.
Video: Horrific video shows Aeroflot plane land in ball of flames
The Sukhoi SSJ-100 regional jet had 73 passengers and five crew on board when it was forced to turn back to the airport due to a ‘technical fault’, more than half were killed in the ensuing fire.
Another Boeing 737 crash lands in river after attempting to set down in military base
The Boeing 737 airliner had just arrived from Guantanamo Bay to a military base in Jacksonville, Florida when it attempted a landing amidst a heavy thunderstorm
‘Jumpy’ airline passenger almost causes airport chaos by opening emergency door
In a statement given in court, Song said he noticed the emergency exit door and though it was an extra exit the crew had forgotten about.
Video: Plane forced into emergency landing after pilot’s screens crash
Footage from inside the plane shows the pilot telling passengers he had "lost two screens" and was running the risk of "flying blind" because some of the aircraft's mechanisms were overheating.
Video: Passengers jump onto airliner wing as Boeing engine goes up in flames
The engine of the Boeing 737 operated by Russia's Utair caught fire as the plane was being pushed back from the terminal prior to take off. The incident was captured on video and shared on Instagram.
Saudi Arabian ATC controllers dumbfounded by plane’s emergency request
Saudi Arabian Air Traffic Control was left almost speechless over the weekend when a Saudia Airlines passenger jet declared an emergency shortly after take-off.

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