pirate attack

Two dozen Indian sailors missing following suspected pirate attack
An oil tanker carrying US $8.1-million worth of gasoline and an all-Indian crew of 22 has gone missing off the coast of Africa, prompting fears that it has been hijacked by pirates.
Navy storms hijacked tankers, cargo ships in Red Sea
On Saturday night the oil tanker Al Heera sailing off the coast of Yemen came under attack from pirates in multiple small craft. A distress call was issued and picked up by the Chinese naval frigate Hengyang.
Iranian Navy prevents pirate attack on oil tanker
The Iranian Navy has announced that one of its ships prevented a pirate attack on an oil tanker near Bab Al-Mandeb Strait.
FOCUS: Revised piracy map to give shipping rare respite
Costs for ships calling in Middle East expected to drop when a high-risk area for pirate attacks is halved in December.
Iranian Navy saves oil tanker from pirate attack
The Iranian Navy has prevented another pirate attack in international waters, this time saving an oil tanker.
Iranian Navy foils pirate attacks on foreign ships
Iran reports that two foreign merchant vessels have been saved by navy from pirate attacks in Gulf of Aden.
Oil tanker attacked by pirates, risking eco disaster
Environmental disaster looms as oil siphoning pirate attacks spike in first quarter of 2015
Two pirate attacks reported in April so far
Two pirate attacks reported in April while grounded tanker remains cause for concern
Oil tanker laden with aviation fuel attacked by pirates
Oil tanker operated by Kuwait Oil Tanker Company fends off pirate attack in Gulf of Aden

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