Brand new billion dollar cruise ship on way to Dubai in anti-pirate ‘Safe Haven’ lockdown
Lights out after dark, curtains and shutters closed, exterior decks restricted and armed security guards patrolling the ship - how brand new $960-million Spectrum of the Seas mega cruise ship is protecting itself against pirates on the way from Europe to the Middle East
Two dozen Indian sailors missing following suspected pirate attack
An oil tanker carrying US $8.1-million worth of gasoline and an all-Indian crew of 22 has gone missing off the coast of Africa, prompting fears that it has been hijacked by pirates.
Hijacked Dubai freighter freed in botched rescue
Somali security forces have taken back control of an Indian cargo ship from pirates who hijacked it last week when it departed Dubai, but only two of the ten-man crew was rescued, authorities in central Somalia have announced.
FOCUS: Revised piracy map to give shipping rare respite
Costs for ships calling in Middle East expected to drop when a high-risk area for pirate attacks is halved in December.
Neptune join Jacob Bliksted's epic kite surfing mission
Dubai maritime security company Neptune has sponsored Jacob Bliksted, who is kite surfing a minimum of 1,000km between Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.
Kenya releases Somali pirates en masse despite warnings
Kenya has repatriated 62 Somali pirates who have served their jail sentences amid record low pirate activity in Gulf of Aden
Two pirate attacks reported in April so far
Two pirate attacks reported in April while grounded tanker remains cause for concern
REPORT: Escalating piracy threat in West Africa
West Africa's piracy problems are here to stay and may affect regional trade, says Platts.
Spanish warship to be deployed in Gulf of Aden
ESPS Rayo joins EU Navfor’s anti-piracy mission.
'The piracy battle is far from won'-UAE minister
UAE urges co-ordinated response against terrorist groups.
Saudi ship in piracy scare
Incident a false alarm as Eritrean Forces board vessel.
UN tells Somalia to ban piracy
Security Council asks for more aggressive combat of pirates.

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