open skies

Etihad denies receiving $2.6bn gov't subsidies in 2014
US airlines are embroiled in a spat with Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways over Open Skies policies and subsidies allegations.
Qatar Airways submits subsidies report to US gov't
The submission refutes subsidies claims amid debate on longstanding US policy allowing carriers to fly to and from the country with minimal government interference.
'Big Five' European carriers push for new EU strategy
CEOs from Lufthansa, International Airlines Group, easyJet, Air-France-KLM and Ryanair have called for regulatory change as subsidies battle continues.
Key US companies back Gulf carriers in Open Skies row
CEOs of Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and JetBlue Airways are among those opposing the stance of industry partners American, Delta and United.
Largest US carriers receive benefits worth $71bn-Etihad
Research commissioned by Etihad Airways claimes the three biggest US carriers received benefits valued in excess if $71bn.
China airlines 'bigger threat' to US than Gulf carriers
New report states that the airline industry is changing rapidly and China will replace the US as the largest aviation market.
US carriers urge subsidies talks with UAE and Qatar
Poll reveals 74% of Americans feel the US government should take action if Gulf carriers proven to be violating Open Skies agreements.
Emirates hits out at 'desperate' US airlines
Dubai-based Emirates defends US fares promotion after subsidies criticism.
UAE signs open skies agreement with Sierra Leone
UAE has 87 are open skies agreements, boosting trade and tourism.

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