IQ Fulfillment

IQ gets you moving
Fadi Amoudi, founder & CEO IQ Robotics, IQ Fulfillment & IQ Xpress talks Logistics Middle East through the role of his company in the technology for logistics field, and particularly e-fulfilment
IQ Robotics: A Future in Robotics Within Reach
The rise of e-commerce has changed the way businesses have functioned, more so in the logistics, fulfilments, and delivery sectors
IQ Fulfillment: An e-commerce future in robotics
Fadi established IQ Fulfillment without signing up a single client because he believed in Dubai and the inherent power of e-commerce in the region
IQ Fulfillment, MENA region’s first robotic fulfillment centre, opens in Dubai
Launched by IQ Holding, the centre provides full back-end solutions using the latest in robotics, AI and software platforms to support the supply chain and logistics industry

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