Some 75% of millennials abandon in-store purchases due to out of stocks
The main culprit for retailers losing in-store purchases to online shopping is due to issues with inventory management, particularly out-of-stocks.
Q&A with John Atkinson, Inventory Management Expert at ACSIM
John Atkinson is an Inventory Management Expert and Lead Trainer for the Advanced Certificate in Strategic Inventory Management: ACSIM
Real-time visibility adoption growing in retail logistics
Daniel Dombach, director, EMEA, industry solutions, Zebra Technologies explains how the IoT revolution is reshaping general logistics and retail supply chains.
GCC Retailers shift to outsourcing inventory counting
Chaz Scott, business development manager at inventory security firm Jard ME, says retailers in the Middle East are begining to outsource inventory counting to for security and efficiency.
Immensa provides Inventory Digitisation’ solution to UAE construction giant
Immensa Technology Labs is providing its game-changing ‘Inventory Digitisation’ solution to one of the world’s largest construction companies —the Consolidated Contracting Company (CCC).
Infor launches new inventory tech solution in UAE
Cloud applications developer Infor has launched Infor Networked Order Management, providing a new level of flexibility for retailers in orchestrating inventory.
Inventory tech provider Slimstock opens regional HQ in Dubai
In order to provide customers in the United Arab Emirates with the best possible service, Slimstock has opened a regional office in Dubai.
GEODIS to use drones to check warehouse inventory
GEODIS and DELTA DRONE confirm the operational development of a unique solution for warehouse inventory using drones.
COMMENT: Advantage of CPFR in dyadic supply chains
Collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) is a business practice that combines the operations of partners in terms of planning and the fulfilment of customer demand.
COMMENT: Six ways to increase supply chain performance
A look at some strategies that you must consider to optimize the supply chain management, increase its performance and streamline various processes associated with it.
Honeywell launches new inventory scanner
Voyager scanner allows clients to scan out-of-reach products.

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