Gulf of Oman

Comment: the impact of Arabian Gulf vessel attacks on shipping and logistics
Jeb Clulow, partner, Reed Smith, London looks at the impact of the Iran tensions on shipping in the region
Iran warns of retaliation against British ships in Gulf of Oman
Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander threatens to seize British ships after the UK held an Iranian supertanker off Gibraltar over accusations it was breaking sanctions by taking oil to Syria
Arabian Gulf war risk surcharges spread to container shipping
CMA CGM implements war risk surcharges on Middle East cargoes following tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman
Gulf oil shipments now cost more than $500,000 to insure
The cost of insuring Middle East oil shipments is soaring as tensions mount
Cost of crude exports from Gulf continue to surge following tanker attacks
Rates for transporting 2 million-barrel cargoes from Saudi Arabia to China jumped to almost $26,000 a day on Thursday, more than double where they were at the start of June
Both damaged tankers now in UAE anchorage following attacks
Both tankers were hit by explosions in the Gulf of Oman last week that left both vessels crippled and adrift in flames.
Everything we know about the tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman
Latest updates on crew, ships and wider logistics and economic fallout following attacks in the Gulf of Oman that left two tankers crippled
Video and images emerge following tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman
UAE officials have not verified the authenticity of the video, but it fits with eye-witness accounts of the damage done to the ship, which was subsequently abandoned and left adrift
Explosions reported in Gulf of Oman, UK maritime group advises extreme caution
The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operation urges extreme caution in Gulf of Oman as reports emerge of attacks on two oil tankers

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