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Globe Express looks for new warehousing solutions at Leaders in Logistics
Globe Express is the Gift Bag Sponsor for the 2018 Leaders in Logistics Summit, Logistics Middle East spoke with Mustapha Kawam, president and CEO at Globe Express Services about what he hopes to achieve at the conference and on why GES is taking part.
Globe Express Services looks to tap Chinese growth
Globe Express Services’ global C-level executives and commercial team officials tackle growth strategies during meeting in China.
Globe Express Services reports robust revenue growth for H1
Globe Express Services reports 8 per cent gross revenue growth for H1 of 2017.
Globe Express Services invests in its GCC employees
Globe Express Services (GES) has placed education and training of its employees among its most important investments and plans to expand these activities in its Middle East operations.
Globe Express Services (GES) deploys CargoWise One
In line with its efforts to keep up with developing technology trends, Globe Express Services (GES) has deployed CargoWise One - an integrated supply chain logistics management solution.
Globe Express expands in Lebanon
Globe Express Services opens second office in Lebanon at Beirut Airport’s MEA Cargo Centre in strategic expansion move to complement country’s robust logistics industry.
Globe Express gets Lebanon freight forwarding contract
Globe Express Services secures deal with Lebanon’s ABC SAL for freight forwarding of products throughout Europe.
Globe Express Services implements CargoWise One upgrade
The upgrade to enhance business processes and capabilities includes all GES offices in five GCC countries.
GES chooses New Delhi for its second branch in India
Indian logistics to grow at CAGR of 12.17% by 2020, predicts Globe Express Services.
Globe Express Services opens news office in Texas
The Houston office, in the US, will draw on its expertise in the oil and gas sector in particular ind delivering logistics services.
GES promotes Mustapha Kawam to president & CEO
Mustapha Kawam, who has worked at GES for 20 years, sets top three immediate priorities to sustain company’s global success.
COMMENT: Choosing the right 3PL for your business
Mustapha Kawam, managing director for Gulf States, Globe Express Services, offers advice on how to pick the right third-party logistics provider.

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