Emirates airline, Etihad Airways flights to Mumbai disrupted by rain
Both UAE carriers, Emirates airline and Etihad Airways, experienced difficulties following the torrential downpours, which saw more than 200mm of rain flood parts of Mumbai.
Passengers' fury at British Airways after Abu Dhabi flight cancellations
British Airways cancelled or rerouted direct flights from the UAE to the UK
Mass disruption as Pakistan’s airspace remains closed amid India tensions
All international and domestic commercial flights in and out of Pakistan are cancelled "until further notice," according to Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority.
Virgin Atlantic flight grounded by bomb threat in Dubai
Passengers aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight from Dubai to London’s Heathrow International were removed from the plane Tuesday, reportedly due to a bomb threat.
DTP launch new flight performance monitoring solution
DTP has announced that it will launch a brand new flight performance monitoring (FPM) solution at the 17th edition of the annual Airport Show in Dubai.
Authorities investigate bag handlers accidental flight
Federal authorities and airline officials are investigating the accidental flight of a baggage handler who wound up in the cargo hold of a plane.
FOCUS: Logistics of Solar Impulse 2's historic flight
Chapman Freeborn and Volga-Dnepr Airlines handled all logistics operations for Solar Impulse 2's historic around the world flight.
Dubai flight diverted due to security concerns
An IndGo flight from Dubai to Kozhikode was forced to land in Mumbai Thursday when a passenger was deemed a security threat.
Allegedly drunk pilots arrested before flight
Two pilots have been arrested before flying a trans-Atlantic passenger service on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol.
All Turkish Airlines flight to US banned by FAA
The US civil aviation regulator (FAA) has banned Turkish Airlines from flying to the country following a failed coup attempt last week.
Etihad Airlines flight diverted due to passenger death
A Chicago-bound Etihad Airways flight made an emergency diversion to Moscow airport following the death of one of its passengers.
Turkish Airlines was real target of Somali plane bomber
A suicide bomber who blew a hole in the fuselage of a Daallo Airlines plane was meant to be on a Turkish Airlines flight.

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