VIDEOS: Terror at sea as passenger ship evacuated amid severe storm
Viking Sky issued a distress call at 1pm local time Saturday amid high winds and rough seas according to statement by the operating company Viking Ocean Cruises.
Saudi Arabian ATC controllers dumbfounded by plane’s emergency request
Saudi Arabian Air Traffic Control was left almost speechless over the weekend when a Saudia Airlines passenger jet declared an emergency shortly after take-off.
Saudi-bound flydubai plane declares emergency after birdstrike in Dubai
Flight FZ821 took off from Dubai International Airport and was heading to King Abdulla Airport in the Saudi province of Jazan when the incident occured.
Dubai-bound flight makes emergency landing due to poisoning symptoms
Flight from Moscow to Dubai makes emergency landing after passengers start suffocating and turning green.
Emirates and Etihad flights suffer emergency technical issues on same day
An Etihad flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Manchester, while on the same day an Emirates flight damaged its brakes to avoid a collision during take off.
Double bomb threats cause midair emergencies on either side of world
On both planes, authorities described a “threatening note” having been found.
Airliner skids off tarmac after landing on ‘collapsible’ runway
Flight 278 was landing at Burbank from Oakland and overshot the runway and crashed into the EMAS at the end of the tarmac.
‘Panic’ aboard flight from Dubai as smoke fills cabin
Flight AI 984 was descending into Mumbai when it declared an emergency.
Plane carrying 84 plumbers makes emergency landing due to toilet fault
A passenger jet carrying 84 plumbers was forced to make a u-turn and emergency landing shortly after take-off due to a fault with the plane’s toilets.
DMCA congratulates itself and partners for emergency preparedness
The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) held a ceremony this week to recognise the contributions of its strategic partners from both the public and private sectors in responding effectively to emergencies.
Dubai Ferry carrying 50 people catches fire in major drill
The mock drill for Dubai Ferry started at the Dubai Water Canal Station in Jumeirah and extended up to Rashid Port.
Emirates airliner diverted after passenger death
An Emirates flight from London to Dubai was diverted Monday when the flight crew reported that a passenger was unresponsive.

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