Emirates Flight Catering reduces packaging waste by 750 tonnes a year
The company has replaced cardboard packaging with reusable crates to store and transport an average of 100,000 inflight meals daily.
Emirates Flight Catering makes major investment in solar energy
This is part of EKFC's continued investment in infrastructure to improve resource efficiency
UNITECHNIK provides AGVs for Emirates Flight Catering
According to Hans Christian Ettengruber, managing director, UNITECHNIK Dubai, the use of AVGs in Dubai is still in its infancy, with EKFC leading the adoption of this new solution.
Emirates Flight Catering invests in supply chain with world’s largest vertical farm
The project is a joint venture with U.S.-based Crop One Holdings, the world’s leading vertical farm operator. When complete, the vertical farm facility will cover 130,000 square feet, but have a production output equivalent to 900 acres of farmland.

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